Arbor Care - Case Studies

Architect and Planning Consultants

Arbor-Care Ltd have been engaged by several architect and planning consultant firms to form part of a design team that compiles information for many complex planning applications. Arbor Care’s role is to undertake an in-depth tree survey of the trees on site and to compile a comprehensive report that will feed into the design and assist with the client obtaining planning permission.


Arbor-Care Ltd has been engaged on a regular basis by RTE to undertake tree surveys and assessments on their Montrose site for the current and ongoing development on site. Arbor-Care Ltd has also undertaken a large scale tree condition assessment for the entire Montrose campus that involved assessment and mapping approximately 350 tress on the site. A comprehensive report was provided to RTE management on the condition of the trees and formed part of an ongoing tree management plan.

The High Court:

Arbor-Care Ltd has provided expert witness to high court level for many complex and sensitive cases.

National Roads Authority

In 2005 Arbor-Care was appointed by the National Roads Authority to co-author an environmental guideline on the protection of trees and hedgerows during the construction of roads.